I'm a small town Texas girl who grew up to be a big law attorney. A mother of three smallems, I'm a busy, busy mama. Although I normally work in Tokyo, I'm in the U.S. for the next two years in a town in which I have never lived.

My hobbies are all cutesy, cutesy, girlie, girlie -- making lunch boxes for my kids, fashion, opera, eating out (I also wear and dress others in kimono from time to time), but mostly I'm just a busy-at-work-body.

Well I hope you'll stick around ~\(^ε~).

A busy working mother of three. Too busy for most things. Sometimes fabulous. Mostly busy.



去年、日本からサンフランシスコに引っ越したが、人生初のサンフラン住まい、この町の色々も書こうと (^_^)v。

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