Monday, June 29, 2015

Lunch Box Catch-up (the end of Summer School Period)



Well, finally my son's two weeks of J school everyday have finished!! I really have a new appreciation for all the mamas that make a bento lunch everyday!! It was tough!

Below are the missing lunches from Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cheers!

Two lightly salted rice balls with sesame seeds, carrots, yakitori style chicken and rolled omelets.
After I finished my son's bento, my daughter said she wanted one too. She's not in school yet, but I made one for her too: lightly salted rice ball, hotdog flowers, cherries and omelets (one is a heart; she really liked it -- she's three and really enjoys small cute things like this).
Friday was thinly sliced pork with ground ginger and onions (season with salt, sear, then add cooking sake (probably white wine would work as well), ground ginger, soy sauce and a bit of sugar; then reduce), boiled broccoli, grape tomatoes and rolled omelets.




Saturday was the last day of the summer school period (made it!), so I made a chicken cutlet. Well, in order to pull this off, I had to make it the night before and then just arrange things in the morning. It's presented with broccoli, green beans, and rolled omelet. Chicken cutlets are normally served with "sauce" (its a Worcestershire sauce-like (based?) dark sauce that is just referred to as "sauce" in Japanese), but my son doesn't like anything sauce-like (in the English since of "sauce", so no ketchup or bbq sauce, etc.), so it's just a bit more heavily seasoned than normal. He gobbled it up though! Whew!

There's actually four cuts of katu, one is hiding under the middle cut.

And with that J-school entered summer vacation! Whew! I bit of a breather is nice too!!


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