Sunday, June 21, 2015

卵が笑った A smiling sun ^ヮ^ (集中学習のお弁当 -- そのIII (Summer School Lunches -- Part III))



Mornings with three little, little ones means that elaborate lunches for my son for J school are mostly out of the question. But with the help of boiled eggs and seaweed, a slightly fun lunch is achieved!! Yesterday's lunch is below.

boiled broccoli; grape tomato; hamburger patties made of pork, egg and tofu; boiled egg with seaweed smile and sesame seed eyes

UPDATE: Fyi, if you're wondering what happened on Friday. Friday's bento was substantially similar to that of Thursday (sans the smiling onigiri), so I shall refrain from posting. There is no J school on Monday, so my everyday trying-my-best will continue on Tuesday! ^_^;;

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