Friday, June 26, 2015

Gittin aaaaall purdied up (おしゃれしていいかな?)

So “summers” are here. People who work at law firms will know that this means “summer associates” (law students who work at law firms during the summer between years at law school). This is a joyous time of the year because associates tend to get budgets to take summers out for coffee, lunch, dinner and, in the case of this office, manicures. The Tokyo office did not have a manicure budget…and manicures in Japan (although they do end up fabulous) are too expensive for me to splurge on (never mind that I would never have enough time to leave the office to get my nails done in a million years). So, for the last five years or so my nails have been bare.

Today, that changed. Another transaction done and done, so I got my nails done with a summer this afternoon (then I came back to work -- haha). I've never tried such a bold color before (I'm generally pretty conservative and go with light pinks when I did used to get my nails done so long ago)...but this office is soooooo casual (and I'm somewhat senior -- senior-esque?) that I think I can pull it off. Cheers!


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