Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fried Dumplings 揚げギョーザ入りのお弁当 (集中学習のお弁当 -- そのIV (Summer School Lunches -- Part IV))

Fried dumplings are surprisingly not time consuming to make if you only make a few in the morning. I buy pre-made skins and fill them with pork (seasoned with hondashi (bonito stock powder), salt and scallop soup powder -- tastes like chicken stock I swear), corn and cheese. Deep fry until they float back to the top. Fried dumplings last better in a lunchbox than regular pan-fried (seared?) dumplings.

The lunch below consists of boiled broccoli, tamago-yaki, grapes and fried dumplings. The rice is white rice cooked with gokokumai (five grain rice) mix.



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