Thursday, June 11, 2015

Field day (運動会)

In Japan, no child's education is complete without plenty of friendly undoukai, or "field days", during which include events like relay races and throwing balls into a basket (tamaire). Because my children attend international school in Japan, they were formerly deprived such experiences. Now that we attend J-school in the US, my eldest had finally his first undoukai. For mamas, this day means making a grand obentou...


So despite waking up with more than two hours to finish everything, I failed to achieve maximum cuteness. Additionally, I got called into a teleconference for work just as lunch happened, so I missed the entire period allotted for lunch T_T!!! So, I actually didn't know how everyone liked my lunch >.<.

Fried dumplings -- filled with pork, cheese and tofu (and salt and hondashi)

Inarizushi -- although my husband is a sushi chef, I used oinarisan set to save time!

The main race scene...I didn't have time to make it very well. I had a plan for a goal line and "ganbare" in circle hotdogs...but oh well...
The scene here is running a race -- my kid is on the white team (the other team is the red team).
Hotdogs made to look like octopi, boiled broccoli, hearts made out of tamago yaki (rolled omelet) and grape tomatoes.

Small onigiri for small hands -- just shio musubi (lightly salted rice ball) with sesame seeds

Hotdog parts that couldn't get incorporated
Four tiers of lunch for a 7 y.o., a 3 y.o. and a 1 y.o. and one mama and one papa.
Well, overall, a bento failure. I will try harder next year!!

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