Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Toe stockings -- ストッキングのレビュー

My mother-in-law recently came for a visit from Japan and brought me these ↓ toe stockings (like toe-socks, but, well stockings. And yes, a 5'7 size 3-4 person in the US will be a size double L in Japan >.<).
 So, I tried these on before work this morning....the toe parts are made for someone who has super short toes....or maybe I have unusually long toes. LOL! ^_^;;

 I generally have really slim toes, but the toe parts are really skinny....>_<;;
Here's another view
Hmmmm...well this is a maker that I normally buy often in Japan, and I really like how the rest of the stockings fit and flatter my leg shape...but the toe parts are really uncomfortable! Maybe this takes some getting used to! lol!


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  1. Interesting concept that I've never heard of before! X