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Texas hotels (テキサス州のホテル)

I had planned on making a post on my stay at the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas the other day (by which I mean about a month ago, after my first visit)...but then I was busy, as I usually am, and then it just never happened. So here is a review of the Mansion, at which I have now stayed multiple times, and the Omni in Fort Worth (which, btw, is sooooooo far away from Dallas), at which I have stayed once. お待たせいたしました。やっと約束したテキサス州のホテルのレビューです。ローズウッド・マンション・オン・タートル・クリーク(ダラス市)はもう何回も泊まっているホテルです。オムにホテル(フォートワース市)は一回しか泊まっていません。ちなみにフォートワースはダラスの近くにありそうで、実はものすごく遠いのです。

-- And just now as I started writing this, I received a package from the Mansion, which basically speaks to why I love them. I forgot my suit jacket in the closet of my room after my most recent stay, and the FedEx'd it to me right away. Really nice service there. --


Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Here are the pictures from my room at the Mansion. Generally, it has a bit of an older feel to it. It has a very traditional design to it, but is also I think just a bit...well...old. I would warn you that there are flights that go by it -- I couldn't hear anything, but my colleagues said they had some trouble sleeping. During my first stay, I couldn't get the doors to the small terrace open, which was unfortunate, as I like to sleep with some fresh air and the Texas weather was perfect for it, but the other times I could. The service was fabulous here. From welcome pastries to hand-written cards for repeat visits to free-shoe shines, they really think about making each stay as pleasant as possible.


Vanity immediately upon entering

layout of the room

Greeted with a pastry each visit -- so nice after doing work on a long flight! I received the same pastry each time, but another attorney noted that he had gotten a slice of apple pie when he stayed here a couple of years back. I hope they return to apple pies...

The bath. I really liked the kind of lotion the provide -- not oily at all. 部屋においてあるローションは大変よかったです。

The Omni is in a nice part of Fort Worth. We were able to walk to dinner at the Capital Grille and Del Friscos for steak dinners on the two nights we spent there. Well, if you've ever stayed at an Omni, it's one of the nicer Omnis. Nice room, very comfortable, but lacks the heartwarming service of the Mansion, I'll say. オムニホテルは、フォートワースのいいところにあります。2泊で、夜は、徒歩5分ぐらいのキャピタル・グリルとデル・フリスコスのステーキハウスに簡単に食べに行きました。

Btw, at both the Mansion and the Omni, I never had a room with a view worth a picture (so that's why there isn't any pictures from the windows).

Tile at the entrance way to the room -- if you're used to a genkan, this is nice. 珍しく玄関っぽいところがありました。ちょっと落ち着く(^_^;;)>。
Small alcove at the entrance to the room



Bed #1

Bed #2 -- I stayed by myself, but as I normally co-sleep with my kids, it feels extra lonely to be in a giant bed, so I always ask my secretary to get a room with two beds if possible. 一人で泊まったが、普通は子供と一緒に寝るので、あんまりデッカイベットですと、余計寂しく感じてしまうので、できるだけクイーンベット二台の部屋を頼んでいます。
Now, I'm back again. Hopefully for a bit this time!! See you~!

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