Friday, July 31, 2015

ジョギング "Jogging" is "jogging" in Japanese ^_~


I started jogging the other day...(I'm inspired by a really fit female attorney in this office!)...I haven't been jogging in about 10 years. I started with a 3 mile run (because this is how you start training for x-country in high school), which I figured is a distance that non-runners should probably be able to do.

...I hurt all over.

 Bay bridge is near my office

 Back to work!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Feels like home to me…oh but not to you?

Well continuing on my experience in Dilley, TX, the other week...

The work we did in Dilley, I feel was important. It’s hard to make a dent in just a week though. I don’t know if any of the people I talked to will eventually get out of that detention center. I may in fact never know. Additionally, even if they are eventually released, the road to asylum is long ahead. I won’t share their stories here. They are too horrible – too terrible to share with the world on such an easygoing blog. But I do hope that the judges they eventually face look upon them with compassion.

So, I won’t talk about that anymore. This blog isn’t supposed to be that deep, and my initial plan for this blog was never to discuss anything resembling the law. Today, I would like to talk about the city of Dilley, Texas, a town of about 3,500 people.  

I hearted everything about Dilley. To me, it brought up memories of the town where I grew up (although I’m from west Texas where there is no humidity, so that was a bit different). My town has seen significant growth in the many years since I left, but when I was growing up, it was quite small, and (largely because my mom couldn’t drive) I never really went beyond the part of my town within 2 – 3 hours walking distance from my house. This portion of my town comprises all my memories of my town and is very easy to romanticize.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Texas for International Justice Day 国際ジャスティス・ディー(難民申告者を解放すべき)

Well, in case you were wondering where I went, I was away in Dilley, Texas last week. 先週は南テキサス州ディリー市(市とゆうても南テキサスのちいさな村なとこです。)でボランティア活動をしてました。

There is a "family" detention center at Dilley for asylum seekers that houses only women and children. These are immigrants mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who are trying to escape gangs that are in control of their hometowns and have targeted them and their children for various reasons. When they reach the U.S., they are being rounded up and detained (here is a LA Times article about the center: "Immigrant families in detention: A look inside one holding center". Recently it's gotten a bit of media and political attention. Here is an article about the group I went with, although I reject the bit that the transactional lawyers didn't know asylum jargon(!): Immigrant lawyers handling a border surge: 'This is really an emergency room situation'). So, I volunteered there last week, mostly hearing people's stories to see if they will be able to pass a credible fear hearing -- this is different from an asylum hearing, but is basically the first step in a long road to asylum or withholding of removal.


Now, I am honestly not the most lenient in my views on immigration. However, I do not believe it is correct to lock up women and children asylum seekers. These women and children have been through so much in their own hometowns, as well as even more hardships, including rape and exploitation, on the way here. Additionally, I have found that most asylum seekers feel emotional attachment to the places they are from, and I honestly believe that if conditions weren't horrible in their respect countries of origin they would be happiest in those countries.

Well, I started writing this when I arrived in Dilley two weeks ago. My last day there was International Justice Day. I didn't actually know about International Justice Day, but it seemed so perfect to learn about it while in Dilley. Happy Belated International Justice Day, y'all.



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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nail Magic (自分でマニキュア)


Did my nails while waiting for document comments -- oh, weekends in the office are so productive least there aren't too many over here.

polish color is bubblebath (OPI); the little flowers are manicure stickers from Daiso
3 out of 4 manicure products from Daiso -- I was especially impressed by the base coat

Okay, see you~.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cafe Madeline

Took a summer to Café Madeline. I *heart* their logo. I got a cappuccino with whip cream. In Japan this is on the regular menu at Illy (cappuccino Viennese), but not at Illy in the US (T_T). Café Madeline only has chocolate whip cream (which is sooooo delicious!!), so it's a little different but so good.

Their desserts are delicious as well ~☆.



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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little white dress (ホワイトワンピース)



No doubt little white dresses are soooo in this summer. It makes me wish I lived in a warm place...

Anywhoo, here are two of my favs on blogs I follow:

Well, not only do I live in a permafrost environment, but have three smallems makes me generally wary of beautiful white dresses.

Here's a compromise for us mummies by Joie (print over a casual white dress -- I also like this dress, because although I get the off-the-shoulder boom as well....well, I'm more of a show more leg, show less shoulder kind of girl ^_~): ←完全ホワイトじゃないけど、うちみたいなママが心配なく着ることできそうなかわいいワンピでえす。気に入ってまあす。自分の素敵なワンピを見つけてね!

Happy dress hunting!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boss as I wanna be (新スーツ買いました)

So, finally, finally, finally had a real meeting the other day with an actual company and bankers and various counsel -- seriously no one has face-to-face meetings in the US!! I mean, I understand that the US is wide, and perhaps people do not like to come all the way from NY to SF or from wherever else they are to SF, but not meeting in person is soooooooo sad for associates. It's much easier for me to spend endless hours on your documents if I have met you in real life.

Anyway, so in celebration of a real meeting, I bought a new suit. *tee hee*



Morning lighting -- pre-makeup >.<
I really never buy pant suits -- really. I only own one other. But since I've come to the US, I really feel empowered by pants! 日本ですと、スカートばかっりのアタシ、やっぱパンツって不思議なパワーあるね。

office post-meeting (evening) lighting -_-;;...

Wool is nice. I luuuuuuv the color.

See you~!
It's Hugo Boss. See it here (words jump): Jacket and Pants. I'm a size 4 (~36), for your reference. The shirt and cardigan are Uniqlo, btw.


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Friday, July 3, 2015

Day off in the park (日本町の近くにできた公園)

I've got today off (observed 4th of July), so I took two out of three smallems (eldest went with my husband to a doctors appointment) to the new playground near SF's J-town (at Raymond Kimbell Playground). It's new and clean and even my small smallem (1 year 6 months) could easily play on most things (he couldn't play on a tension wire thing they have or a net bridge thing they have).

7月4日(アメリカの独立記念日)が土曜日になっているので、今日が振替休日になりました。サンフランシスコの日本町の近くの公園(Raymond Kimbell Playground (地図))に新しい遊ぶとこができましたので、ちびっ子たちと一緒に行ってみました。

little kid play structure (うちの下の子は1歳半だけど、問題なく小さいほうの滑り台などで遊べました。).

a xylophone - 鉄琴です

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lovely lattes

A successful launch demands a moment to one's self...or rather shared with a junior ^_^;;. A lovely café breve for me and a quad latte (four shots!!) for my dependable junior -- after a long night of work, sometimes you need a LOT of caffeine! Hee hee!

Quad in the back; breve in the front. ...and a little friend.

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