Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little white dress (ホワイトワンピース)



No doubt little white dresses are soooo in this summer. It makes me wish I lived in a warm place...

Anywhoo, here are two of my favs on blogs I follow:

Well, not only do I live in a permafrost environment, but have three smallems makes me generally wary of beautiful white dresses.

Here's a compromise for us mummies by Joie (print over a casual white dress -- I also like this dress, because although I get the off-the-shoulder boom as well....well, I'm more of a show more leg, show less shoulder kind of girl ^_~): http://www.joie.com/arryn-b-dress-porcelain-steel ←完全ホワイトじゃないけど、うちみたいなママが心配なく着ることできそうなかわいいワンピでえす。気に入ってまあす。自分の素敵なワンピを見つけてね!

Happy dress hunting!

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