Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boss as I wanna be (新スーツ買いました)

So, finally, finally, finally had a real meeting the other day with an actual company and bankers and various counsel -- seriously no one has face-to-face meetings in the US!! I mean, I understand that the US is wide, and perhaps people do not like to come all the way from NY to SF or from wherever else they are to SF, but not meeting in person is soooooooo sad for associates. It's much easier for me to spend endless hours on your documents if I have met you in real life.

Anyway, so in celebration of a real meeting, I bought a new suit. *tee hee*



Morning lighting -- pre-makeup >.<
I really never buy pant suits -- really. I only own one other. But since I've come to the US, I really feel empowered by pants! 日本ですと、スカートばかっりのアタシ、やっぱパンツって不思議なパワーあるね。

office post-meeting (evening) lighting -_-;;...

Wool is nice. I luuuuuuv the color.

See you~!
It's Hugo Boss. See it here (words jump): Jacket and Pants. I'm a size 4 (~36), for your reference. The shirt and cardigan are Uniqlo, btw.


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