Friday, July 3, 2015

Day off in the park (日本町の近くにできた公園)

I've got today off (observed 4th of July), so I took two out of three smallems (eldest went with my husband to a doctors appointment) to the new playground near SF's J-town (at Raymond Kimbell Playground). It's new and clean and even my small smallem (1 year 6 months) could easily play on most things (he couldn't play on a tension wire thing they have or a net bridge thing they have).

7月4日(アメリカの独立記念日)が土曜日になっているので、今日が振替休日になりました。サンフランシスコの日本町の近くの公園(Raymond Kimbell Playground (地図))に新しい遊ぶとこができましたので、ちびっ子たちと一緒に行ってみました。

little kid play structure (うちの下の子は1歳半だけど、問題なく小さいほうの滑り台などで遊べました。).

a xylophone - 鉄琴です

climbing wall -- this smallem is 3 y.o.
my 1 y.o. was able to easily rock the small slide by himself
this is the lil kid play structure

fake rocks and a fake log separate the small and big kid play structures -- these were good for jumping off of...
...also good for posing against

this lady would not move for the life of me...anywhoo, this is the big kid play structure. By a miracle, was able to take a picture where no one was facing the camera (there were kids all over the place! -- trying to respect privacy >.<)

big kid structure stairs were not a problem for the small smallem
or the big smallem

the slide was a little steep though. there's also a bigger twisty slide -- my daughter could do this by herself, but I went down with my 1 y.o. on my lap

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