Monday, September 21, 2015

Things that happened a long while ago...

I often take photos of things that I would really like to share, but then get so busy that I never get around to some point I start to wonder if it makes sense to post such things any more and usually eventually delete such pictures or save them for my own picture books. This is one of those things, but, as I would really like to post it, please endure.

I attended the opening of my friend's exhibit at the Canessa Gallery (Canessa) at the beginning of August. It's title was "Time". It was a series of photographs that detailed my friend's journey of handling the loss of his dear brother. It was truly a beautiful exhibit. The opening was attended by his brother's widow and child. I really meant to post this quite a while ago. Unfortunately the exhibit ended at the end of August. Here are some pictures from it however.

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