Saturday, August 15, 2015

New York for OCI

What a whirlwind of a week. It started off by taking a redeye to NY. Unfortunately, although it was the first time being back in NY in over 5 years, I was stuck in the NY office all day on Monday. Tuesday I was busy doing OCI (well, EIP since it was for Columbia students -- law school students will know what this is, but it's interviews for summer associates. It stands for "on-campus interview"; EIP stands for "early interview program") all day.


View from my guest office ・ ゲストオフィスからの眺め

I stayed at the London

Closet esque

sitting area

 The London was very nice facilities-wise. I am always surprised by the horrible lack of service in the US after living in Japan for so long. Basically, a $50/night business hotel in Japan generally has better service than highly ranked hotels in the US...and this was no exception. I got to the hotel early (since I got to NY at 6am...) so I had them hold my bags while I went to work all day. When I came to check in, the bell boy brought my bags from the back to the front desk and then left. *poof* Never to be seen again. I had to lug my week's worth of luggage all the way to my room...-_-

Speaking of things that would never happen in tub↓↓↓. I was really surprised!! Now, the first time I came to NY, I stayed in a place that I thought was priced well enough to be a decent hotel and when I arrived there was only one shared shower for three or four rooms. So, I told my assistant to make sure that the hotel had a shower and his response was something like "yeea, this is a decent hoteeel." ...I wonder if my assistant booked me in a barrier free room or something, but after he really pointed out what a great hotel the London is, this was a shock!

 The first night, I had a steak with a nice demi glace sauce and garlic mayonnaise and thick-cut French fries. It was lovely. Unfortunately, I was starving after working from 6am until 11pm without stopping to eat anything so I gobbled it up before taking a picture. Tuesday night I had a quiche near the hotel....after I took this picture, I proceeded to spill this cappuccino all over myself >.<!!!!

NY -- land of intense juxtaposition


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