Thursday, June 18, 2015

集中学習のお弁当 -- そのII (Summer School Lunches -- Part II)

Well, just as I imagined would happen, I was in too much of a hurry to take a picture of yesterday's lunch. I had to stay up until about 2am the day before for work, and barely woke up in time to whip something together before running out the door.

Today's lunch too was a bit rushed and not very well composed, but at least there is evidence of its existence, haha! Today's lunch is grilled chicken that is then braised in chicken stock (I usually marinade my chicken overnight in shio koji (a kind of fermented salted rice -- I'm not a good translator. Here is a site that explains a bit on it in English (it will open a new window to a site that is not my site. I cannot speak to its content): Kojiya), but I didn't have time last night, so I used braising to get some flavor into it), tamago-yaki (rolled omelet), grape tomatoes and snap peas. The two onigiri are just seasoned shio musubi (lightly salted rice balls). One is saying "doh!" because he is upside down!


Doh! -- Onigiri (rice balls)
Does onigiri = rice ball? I remember when I was in New York for law school, I was behind a woman and her daughter who had just bought onigiri at Kinokuniya. The mother said to the girl "don't forget to eat your triangle rice". I thought this was very clever. Indeed, Kantou (eastern Japan) onigiri are triangular, and even Kansai (western Japan) onigiri are not "balls" (although Chubu/Kinki (middle Japan? Translation is hard...) region apparently used to have more ball-like shaped onigiri). Well of course, "rice ball" is not a literal translation of お握り, which comes from the verb meaning something like "to grasp", also "to mold into a shape" (its the same as the nigiri in nigiri sushi -- the other option to "rolls" in the U.S.).  

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